How to find the perfect bodysuit

How to find the perfect bodysuit

Bodysuits started making their way back into the current fashion trend a few years ago. I remember in college when I first started seeing them, people were either for them or totally against them! They reminded a lot of people of those onesies that all our moms put us in during the 90s that snapped underneath us or even below our feet. As kids, we either loved the snaps or we hated the snaps. I was one of the ones who hated them so it was years before I bought my first bodysuit. I was totally late to the trend and bought my first bodysuit this past winter and I immediately fell in love! Ever since I have been picking them up wherever I go and now have accumulated a little collection for myself. But along the way, I have bought some pretty bad bodysuits. There are 3 details that make a bodysuit one I love rather than one that gets lost at the back of my closet. 

1. Length 

This is probably the most important aspect of finding the right fit for your body type when buying a bodysuit. If the length is too small for you then it will ride up and if it is too large for you then be baggy underneath you near the snaps or at the top straps. Either way, it will be uncomfortable and you will either be fidgeting with the top or the bottom. One trick to finding the right length bodysuit is when you try it on put a pair of bottom over it like you would naturally wear it and sit down. Sitting down will show you if it is too tight or not. You should be able to sit in a natural way and still be comfortable without having to adjust your bodysuit in any way! 

2. Bust 

The bust is important because it is a factor in knowing you have the right size in the length. For larger chested girls, you are going to want to make sure that when you have your bodysuit on that there is no gap between your underboob and your bodysuit. Your bodysuit shouldn't be stretched tightly over your body but instead, it should hug your body. It should fit you like a regular fitted top that forms to your contours. If it doesn't then it is too small so you should size up or look for a bodysuit made with a stretchy material such a spandex or rayon! If you are smaller chested, you should still make sure the top of your bodysuit is fitted but this will be less of a fit factor for you. 

3. Booty

If the bodysuit fits you in length comfortably and is form fitting to your bust then the next thing to check is the bootay! As someone who has a decent sized booty, this detail makes or breaks a bodysuit for me. If the bottom is too small then when you wear the bodysuit with leggings or tight bottoms there will be an "underwear line." It also can irritate your bikini line. A bodysuit should lay over your bottom comfortable without creating any lines. An easy way to avoid this factor altogether is to look for bodysuits with a thong bottom!